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Information for parents who are new to lacrosse 

So, your daughter came home from school and said, "I want to play lacrosse!" and now you have no idea what that means or where to start. I know because I've been there. I sent my daughter to her first practice with a boy's stick. Only to follow up by going out and purchasing another boy's stick. This page will be a combination of thoughts and links to articles that may help those parents who are new to lacrosse. 

What is lacrosse?

It is a mix of multiple sports. Often referred to as the fastest sport on two feet, lacrosse incorporates the use of a stick and goals similar to hockey, played on a field similar to soccer but with offensive and defensive principals similar to basketball. This can make the transition to lacrosse easier for girls who have played one of these sports. Some history on the game can be found here.




Each player will need a stick, lacrosse helmet, mouth guard and cleats. 

Difference between girls and boys lacrosse sticks

Women's lacrosse Helmet: any helmet approved for women's lacrosse. Most of the girls wear this Cascade helmet in black/dark gray.

Mouth guard: No graphics and must be a color other than clear or white. 

Cleats: No guidelines here. Some choose soccer cleats and others choose football cleats. 

​​Game schedules: 

Our Middle School team(s) will normally play locally on Monday nights with home games played at our designated field at Castle High School. They will also travel to Indianapolis (probably twice) on a Saturday or Sunday. Buses are not provided for the Middle School teams. There will be an end-of-season city tournament held locally with an end-of-season state tournament held in Indianapolis. 

Our JV and Varsity teams will play locally on Wednesday nights but will also have several weekend games and will travel to Indianapolis a minimum of twice during season (minimum of two 50 mile trips required by the state). Buses will be provided for the JV and Varsity teams for out of town trips only and players will be required to ride the team bus. There will also be an end-of-season sectional tournament for the Varsity team with the winner of the championship moving on to the semi-finals of the state tournament. 


Off-Season Opportunities

Stick skills start in September go twice a week through the end of October. (This is not mandatory.) 

We start working indoors at Metro in January twice a week. High School and Middle School meet separately one night per week.

Conditioning starts in January and is usually 2 nights a week until season practices start in February.

Please follow us on social media to learn updates about the season and important dates.

Facebook: Castle Girls Lacrosse

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Twitter: Castle Girls Lax

If you have any questions please send us an email at


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